Traditional, Egalitarian & Participatory Conservative Synagogue
127 East 82nd St, New York, NY 10028  |  Tel: 212.452.2310
Scott N. Bolton, Rabbi  |  Diane Okrent, President
a Conservative synagogue on the upper east side of nyc


Enjoy these audio tapes of talks and classes at Or Zarua:
Oral Law Seminar 2019 - taught by Marc Ashley
3 sessions:
April   28, 2019
May   6, 2019
May   13, 2019
Jews & Genes - Congregant Barry Coller and Rabbi Elliot Dorff
Talmud Class
Talmud Class 2014-2015.
Talmud Class 2013-2014.
Talmud Class 2012-2013.
Talmud Class 2011-2012.
Talmud Class 2010-2011.
Talmud Class 2009-2010.
Talmud Class 2008-2009.
Talmud Class 2007-2008.
Talmud Class 2006-2007.
Talmud Class 2005-2006.
Rabbi Wechsler's Book Launch, March 21, 2016
Rabbi Wechsler Teaches - Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook's on Teshuvah:
Selihot Lecture for New Year 5772
Selihot Lecture for New Year 5770
Selihot Lecture for New Year 5767
Selihot Lecture for New Year 5766
Selihot Lecture for New Year 5765
Rabbi Wechsler Teaches - Zohar on La"G Ba'Omer:
Click on this link to hear Rabbi Wechsler teach from the Zohar I, daf 4a - 4b:
Lag BaOmer 5766
Download the Zohar text for this lesson.
Rabbi David Silber
Rabbi David Silber's 2006 talk on the story of Hagar and Ishmael and why this story is the Torah reading for Rosh haShanah:
Hagar and Ishmael
Rabbi David Silber teaches for Rosh HaShanah 2008:
Genesis Chapter 21
Rabbi David Silber teaches for Rosh HaShanah 2009:
Echoes of the Akedah
Rabbi David Silber teaches for Rosh HaShanah 2011:
Yom Kippur and Purim
Meah Program
For Meah tapes (class members only), please visit the Meah Class page here.
Or Zarua Exhibits
From Yankel to Yankee - January 27, 2008, Exhibit Opening
Tape 1
Tape 2
Annual Lucy Dawidowicz Lectures
2015: Professor Nancy Sinkoff and Francine Klagsbrun
2010: Professor David Roskies
2008: Professor Ruth R. Wisse
• Weekly Talmud Class with Rabbi Bolton - Fasting, Praying, Planting, and Walking Through the Rain
     Masekhet Ta'anit: Wednesdays at 7:30 - 9:00 pm
• Weekly Siddur Class with Rabbi Bolton: Thursdays from 8:40 - 9:40 am, in the Library following minyan
Details and complete list of events
This week at O"Z
Service Times
May 12 - 18, 2019
Morning Minyan:
Weekdays at 7:15 am
Musaf days at 7:00 am
Shabbat at 9:00 am
Sundays at 8:45 am
Check Calendar for changes
   to starting time, if any
Our Morning Minyan is
open to the Community
365 days per year!
FRIDAY, May 17, 2019
Minhah, Kabbalat Shabbat
& Ma'ariv
   6:30 pm Candlelighting 7:50 pm
SATURDAY, May 18, 2019
Shaharit at 9:00 am
This week's Torah reading:
Parashat Emor
Leviticus 21:1 - 24:23
This week's Haftarah:
Ezekiel 44:15 - 44:31
Shabbat Ends
8:49 pm
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Daily Calendar:
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