Kesher Israel

Or Zarua has a strong commitment to the State of Israel. In order to deepen our connection with  Israel and, we hope, will inspire, educate, and engage others to support Israel, we have begun offer programming called Kesher Israel. The Hebrew word “kesher” means linkage or connection, and hints at connecting Jewish people to their heritage and to one another.

We feature a wide array of activities including film screenings, Israel advocacy on campus sessions, and our annual attendance as the Salute to Israel Parade.

Israel’s Contributions to the World
As part of our ‘kesher’ or connection with Israel, we thought it would be helpful to highlight weekly some of Israel’s more recent contributions to the world, and hope you will share our pride in Israel:

Israeli Startups Join the Fight Against Coronavirus. The startups are working on diagnosis, mitigation, patient tracking, contamination prevention, protecting medical staff, education, and exercise for the homebound.

Here is a partial list:

Diagnosis and treatment: SaNOtize (nasal spray solution that may prevent virus infections among medical staff); MeMed (blood tests detecting infections before the appearance of symptoms which could significantly slow down the spread of coronavirus); PulmOne (pulmonary function testing to help determine who gets priority for hard-to-find ventilators); CoughSync (designed for people on ventilators and simulates a normal cough, clearing phlegm from a patient’s airways); VocalZoom (spectral skin imaging to detect medical vital signs, enabling non-invasive, rapid screening of possible coronavirus symptoms for real-time detection and triage of symptomatic individuals in hospitals and at mass transit hubs).

Protecting healthcare professionals and patients: TytoCare (remote medical examination by physicians of quarantined patients allows for examinations with no physical contact); Sight Diagnostics (safe blood tests, in a sealed unit, to support management of coronavirus patients while reducing risk of cross-infection); Robotemi (a mobile, smart-display assistant, already deployed in hundreds of hospitals, medical centers, nursing homes, and corporate buildings in Asia to help minimize human-to-human contact); Sonovia (developing face masks made from anti-pathogen, anti-bacterial fabric); ViriMASK (mask protecting the entire face).

Remote healthcare: Datos (an automated remote care platform, telemedicine solution for remote monitoring of coronavirus patients); Sweetch (mobile healthcare platform enabling medical teams to remotely monitor, follow, manage and optimize intervention in coronavirus patients with chronic diseases); DreaMed Diabetes (personalized, cloud-based diabetes management solution, delivering optimal glycemic control to patients in their own homes without the need to attend a clinic).

Remote everything else: MagniLearn (distance learning with an online personalized educational platform); Sense (providing personalized feedback on many types of free-answer questions in STEM courses); Kemtai (home workout platform delivers virtual personal trainer that can actually see you and provide real-time feedback); Codility (hiring platform assesses engineers through online coding tests, and live interviews, using evidence-based platform to help predict real-life skills of candidates).

As part of our “kesher” or connection with Israel, these websites/organizations provide knowledge about current developments in Israeli culture, environment, healthcare, etc. as well as the general issue of anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism and in particular on the college campus:

Act for Israel · AIPAC · AJC · Algemeiner · Amcha Initiative · Camera · Daily Alert · Honest Reporting · Israel 21c · Jewish Virtual Library · JNF · Myths and Facts · Shurat HaDin · StandWithUs · The Israel Project · The Lawfare Project · Times of Israel · United with Israel