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Or Zarua / JTS Hevruta Class

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Hevruta: Or Zarua Talmud Seminar - Adults who want to study Talmud on their own
Enhance your Jewish literacy! Whether it is deciphering the complex English translations or gaining the vocabulary and technical expertise to dissect a page of Talmud the time has come to grow your own ability to be a Talmud reader.
Bring your life experience and motivation to crack the code of the Talmud. Get the insider's view of Talmudic philosophy, logic, perspective on Jewish history and development of the law. Whether your Hebrew background is deep or just at the phonetic readers' level, experience learning with partners and being in seminar with an expert instructor who helps you progress at a pace that is right for you. Students will spend time in hevruta, a learning dyad or triad, with fellow learners and be guided during that time by teachers who know how to help adult learners develop the vocabulary and conceptual approaches they need to unlocking the Talmud's language and structure.
If you know the Aleif-Beit and can sound out words phonetically you are in! Backward engineering from the now three English translations available back to the Hebrew might be one approach used in your learning dyad and in class while others may be able to work with the Hebrew text (with or without vowels) and some of the commentaries in the original language. All will benefit from being together no matter what the language background.
Registration Information
This dynamic two-year course of study will be held on Monday evenings, from 7:00 - 9:00 pm, over the course of 2014-2015 and 2015-2016. Members of Congregation Or Zarua are being asked to invest $2,000 for the two-year program. The rate for non-members is $2,500 for the two-year program. Sessions will include guided beit midrash time (studying in partnership) and lecture/seminar time. All are welcome to join. Please invite your friends. Contact Rabbi Bolton with any questions or to explore your readiness. Register.
Suggested reading if you're interested in learning more about Talmud:
• Holtz, Barry W., and Robert Goldenberg. "Talmud." In Back to the Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts, 129-176. New York: Summit Books, 1984.
• Satlow, Michael L.. "The Rabbis." In Creating Judaism: History,Tradition, Practice, 115-139. New York: Columbia University Press, 2006.
• Scheindlin, Raymond P.. "Roman Palestine and Sassanid Babylonia." In A Short History of the Jewish People: from Legendary Times to Modern Statehood, 51-70. New York, NY: Macmillan, 1998.
• Back To The Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Texts - Barry W. Holtz | Chapter 2
• Surpassing Wonder: The Invention of the Bible and the Talmuds - Donald Harman Akenson | Chapters 10 -14
• Understanding the Talmud: A Systematic Guide to Talmudic Structure & Methodology - Yitzchak Feigenbaum
• A Reference Guide to the Talmud - Adin Steinsaltz
• Weekly Talmud Class with Rabbi Bolton - Fasting, Praying, Planting, and Walking Through the Rain
     Masekhet Ta'anit: Wednesdays at 7:30 - 9:00 pm
• Weekly Siddur Class with Rabbi Bolton: Thursdays from 8:40 - 9:40 am, in the Library following minyan
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