Careful with that Matzah! Wraps, Covers, Boxes and The Seder as a Container 

March 31, 2021    
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

Packaging the Seder Necessity throughout Jewish History

Join Rabbi Bolton for his annual lecture that connects our Jewish texts and rituals to packaging engineering in memory of his father, Stewart L. Bolton, z’l.

One of the foundational texts about matzah in the Torah highlights the physical packaging for matzah that our ancestors used. We will look at how traditions developed about carrying, covering and wrapping matzah for and at the seder. More theoretically, we will explore how the seder as a packaged experience contains matzah. Texts from Torah, commentaries and Jewish law codes will enlighten us, and we will examine illuminations from haggadot manuscripts, as well as matzah covers from museum collections. Photos of matzah packaging from modernity will also give us insight into how we care for our seder essential and create unique experiences with our matzah.
Zoom Meeting ID 858 1909 5662 Passcode 613

Meeting ID: 858 1909 5662 Passcode 613