Art Gallery

The Art Gallery at Or Zarua features exhibitions that reflect the active participation of congregants in all areas of synagogue life at Or Zarua. These exhibitions transform the social hall from a room with plain walls into an attractive, informative, and colorful gallery. In this, Or Zarua is exceptional, since few synagogues display changing exhibitions and even fewer have congregants who research and organize those exhibitions.

Current Exhibit: 

From Physical Space to Cyberspace: Bringing Art to Or Zarua
A Special New Year Art Review: The OZ Online Gallery During the Time of Covid

Beginning in the spring of 2020, the OZ Art Gallery moved out of its physical home, and took up a new domain in the realm of cyberspace and adopted a new name, The OZ Online Gallery. Instead of presenting twice-yearly exhibitions, the OZ Gallery now ap­pears on the pages of the OZ Newsletter, where it offers art and learning on topical themes and festival or seasonal observances. In this digital realm, the OZ Gallery Committee continues to fulfill its mission of providing art that is beautiful, thought-pro­voking and inspirational to our OZ community.

Please click HERE to view this special retrospective of The OZ Online Gallery in honor of Or Zarua’s birthday that looks back at what has been presented since the Covid lockdown. We all hope that we will soon be able to return home to our physical space at Or Zarua and once again adorn the walls of the Social Hall with the creativity and insight that art provides.

Past exhibitions have included:

Creation narratives – Rudi Wolff

One Family – Photographs of Vardi Kahana

A Young and Hopeful Land: Israel’s Early Days – Photographs of Rudi Weissenstein

Additional Meanings – The Art of Summantics by Karen Shaw

Today I Am: Jewish Coming of Age Rituals

Our Colorful Bible, a series of serigraph prints by artist Rudi Wolff

Bagels, Babka & Balabustas: 100 Years of Jewish Food in America

Our Precious Legacies: Jewish Heirlooms from Congregants and their Stories

Through the Window: Enchanted Places & Magical Spaces, by Caroline Golden

Sowing Light: 200 Small Works by Congregants on the Subject of Light

In the Beginning: A Series of Ten Prints Inspired by the “Creation” by Rudi Wolff (special friend of Or Zarua)

The Colorful Hand-Made Quilts of Lorraine Shapiro (Or Zarua congregant)

Creating Sacred Space: Anniversary Exhibition Documenting the Building of Or Zarua

From Yankel to Yankee: The Americanization of Jews Reflected in Yiddish Theater and Popular Music (also displayed at Temple Beth El in Fairfield, Connecticut)

From Jaffa to Java: Ten Stories of Economic and Cultural Achievement in Israel

Jews Around the World: The Photographs of Zion Ozeri (Or Zarua congregant)

Five Books of Moses: Micro-calligraphy by Leon Azoulay of Safad