Talks & Lectures

Each year Or Zarua hosts several talks and lectures. In the fall, there is a Tshuva lecture between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur and the Annual Lucy Dawidowicz lecture celebrating Congregation Or Zarua’s birthday is held at the end of January or beginning of February. Past speakers have included Professors David Roskies, Ruth Wisse, and Sharon Lieberman Mintz. The lecture series is named in memory of Lucy Dawidowicz, noted author and early member of Or Zarua.

Past talks and lectures at Or Zarua include:

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The Annual Yom Kippur Talk, 2020
Featuring Francine Klagsbrun

The 2020 Annual Tshuvah Lecture
Featuring Dr. Daniel Gordis

A Letter to My Grandchildren, 2020
Featuring Dr. Barry Coller

The 2020 Summer Scholar-in-Residence
Featuring Dr. Ronnie Perelis, PhD.

The 2020 Annual Lucy S. Dawidowicz Lecture
Featuring Leora Batnitzky, PhD.

The 2019 Annual Tshuvah Lecture
Featuring Benjamin D. Sommer, PhD.

The 2019 Annual Lucy S. Dawidowicz Lecture
Featuring Christine Hayes, PhD.