Come PRAY with us every day at Or Zarua.

Traditional tefilah. Egalitarian participation.
Services that blend the best of all worlds.
At Or Zarua, we believe in the authenticity of traditional worship.  We therefore read and study the entire weekly Shabbat Torah portion, do full repetitions of the Amidah, led either by women or men, and create a joyous, songful communal atmosphere.

We keep Shabbat traditionally, refraining from microphones and musical instruments.

Pray together. Stay together.
Or Zarua is open 365 days a year, so come pray with us! Join us for weekday minyan and stay for breakfast.  Share Shabbat services.  Be our guests for kiddush, and join in our community singing and programming. We welcome your children to sit with family or to join us in the Or L’Atid Youth services, which are held weekly to coincide with our Shabbat morning services.