Kesher Israel

Or Zarua has a strong commitment to the State of Israel. In order to deepen our connection with  Israel and, we hope, will inspire, educate, and engage others to support Israel, we have begun offer programming called Kesher Israel. The Hebrew word “kesher” means linkage or connection, and hints at connecting Jewish people to their heritage and to one another.

We feature a wide array of activities including film screenings, Israel advocacy on campus sessions, and our annual attendance as the Salute to Israel Parade.

Israel’s Contributions to the World
As part of our ‘kesher’ or connection with Israel, we thought it would be helpful to highlight weekly some of Israel’s more recent contributions to the world, and hope you will share our pride in Israel:

Firm Founded by Israelis Uses AI to Speed Traffic Flow in Phoenix (Jerusalem Post)
Traffic management pioneer NoTraffic, founded by Israelis, installed an artificial intelligence-based traffic management platform on Monday to improve traffic flow in Phoenix, after tests showed a 40% reduction in vehicle delay time. The technology, which operates traffic lights, is able to prevent accidents, grant priority to pedestrians and emergency service vehicles, and reduce emissions from stalled traffic.

Blowing bubbles, Israeli physicists accidentally make breakthrough on light (Times of Israel)
Technion researchers demonstrate branched flow, a ‘beautiful’ physical phenomenon that scientists have written about for years, but never seen. The light from branched flow might be useful in medical diagnosis, as it could bring about more pinpointed examination of blood vessels and veins, and could also be developed to “steer the flow of liquid” inside the body to remedy some health issues.

Israeli Company Donates Device That Creates Water from Air to Guatemala (Algemeiner)
Innovative Israeli water technology is helping Guatemala in its attempts to recover from Tropical Storm Amanda and combat the Central American country’s growing water deficit. At a ceremony last week with President Alejandro Giammattei, Guatemala was presented with the Israeli GEN-M water generator, which creates water out of air. The device can produce 800 liters of water a day and was donated by its creator, Israeli company Watergen. It is transportable and clean, and requires only an energy source to operate. Such technology is not only important to storm recovery, but also to Guatemala’s strained water infrastructure. Some 20% of Guatemalans have difficulty accessing safe drinking water.

As part of our “kesher” or connection with Israel, these websites/organizations provide knowledge about current developments in Israeli culture, environment, healthcare, etc. as well as the general issue of anti-Semitism/anti-Zionism and in particular on the college campus:

Act for Israel · AIPAC · AJC · Algemeiner · Amcha Initiative · Camera · Daily Alert · Honest Reporting · Israel 21c · Jewish Virtual Library · JNF · Myths and Facts · Shurat HaDin · StandWithUs · The Israel Project · The Lawfare Project · Times of Israel · United with Israel