Or L’Atid

Or L’Atid, (which means “Light for the Future”) is the program of youth and family education and engagement at Congregation Or Zarua.

Or L’Atid at Or Zarua seeks to nurture and develop caring, knowledgeable and involved Jewish youth by providing a wide range of opportunities for engaging in rich learning in a positive and warm environment. We firmly believe that there is nothing more central to living Jewishly than educating our children and passing on to them our treasured heritage. Through a varied curriculum that includes the study of Tanakh (Bible), Jewish history, culture and values, religious life and laws, prayer, skills for living Jewishly, Israel and Hebrew language, we seek to instill a lifelong intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection to Judaism.

Outside of the classroom, Or L’Atid provides opportunities for youth and families to learn and pray together in our extensive family programs and Shabbat services, all of which enable learners to pray in authentic, age-appropriate Shabbat services, while exploring Jewish song, values and texts with their peers. Or L’Atid also allows youth to connect to one another through our programs for middle school and high school students. These provide youth with opportunities to learn, pray and engage in hesed projects together, while enjoying time spent together.