Shabbat is the cornerstone of our celebration of Judaism.

At Or Zarua, Shabbat observance begins on Friday with Minhah, Kabbalat Shabbat, and Ma’ariv services. The transition from hol – weekday time – to the kedushah of Shabbat is special. We hope you will join us on Friday evenings as we celebrate the start of Shabbat together. Or Zarua begins Shabbat services at sundown, year-round. Please see the calendar for weekly service times, or call 212.452.2310, Ext. 42.

Shabbat morning services begin on Saturday with Shaharit at 9:00 am.  During services, we read the entire parashah, the weekly Torah portion; in between aliyot the Rabbi leads the congregation in a discussion of the parashah in which everyone is free to participate. Musaf is followed by a congregational Kiddush.

On Shabbat, we engage in a traditional Jewish way of praying. Our services are primarily in Hebrew, and we encourage participation through reciting the prayers, singing along and reading privately. Humming along if you do not know the liturgy can help facilitate prayerful experiences. We use two books. The Siddur Sim Shalom is located in the pew in front of you or under your seat (in the balconies). The darker blue book is the Chumash, which has the weekly Torah and Haftarah portions in both Hebrew and English. At different points of the service there is a variety of choreography; look to others around you for guidance if no explicit instructions are offered.

Prayer is a time of reflection, gathering gratitude, engaging tradition, community and God.

While services are being held in the sanctuary, separate programs are held weekly for toddlers, young children, and elementary schoolers in our classrooms from 11:00 – 11:45 am. On one Shabbat each month, children and parents are invited to Family Shabbat, with special Shabbat morning programs followed by a Family Lunch or special Kiddush.  Check our calendar for Family Shabbat dates.

We welcome your children to sit with family or to join us in the Or L’Atid Youth services.

Shabbat is an ideal time to come to Or Zarua to pray with us and learn about our congregation.
If you’re searching for a synagogue to join or simply like to visit different synagogues, please stop in!

For information about upcoming events or programs on Friday evenings following services, or on Shabbat day, see our upcoming events page.

If you’d like to sign up for Friday evening minyan attendance, please email Deborah Wenger, so that your name can be added to the minyan schedule.