Sponsor Kiddush or Minyan Breakfast

If you would like to sponsor Kiddush or Minyan Breakfast, contact Deborah Wenger, 212-452-2310 x12.
If you are expecting extra guests or would like to discuss other options for Kiddush sponsorship,
contact Helene Santo, 212-452-2310 x14.

Kiddush Sponsorship Options (Shabbat and Holidays)

There are two options for Kiddush sponsorship:

$200 Level – Standard Kiddush
Sample Menu:
Fruit Salad
Gefilte Fish Platter with Horseradish
Bowl of Tuna Salad
Bowl of Egg Salad
Cookie Platter

$600 Level
Sliced Fruit Platter
Gefilte Fish Platter with Horseradish
Gourmet Cheese and Cracker Platter
Bowl of Tuna Salad
Bowl of Egg Salad
Pan of Kugel (your choice: Potato or Sweet Noodle)*
Teriyaki or Poached Salmon (2 12”-platters)
Cookies Platter

Minyan Breakfast Sponsorship (Sundays and Weekdays)

$180 Breakfast
Cream cheese, butter
1/2  lb Lox
1/4 lb  Vegetable Cream Cheese
1/4 lb  Salmon Cream Cheese
Tomatoes, onions and lemon
Assorted yogurts
Coffee, Tea, OJ, Water
Coffeecake or cookies