Celebrate Shavuot – The Holiday of the Giving of the Torah

June 4, 2022    
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm

First night – Tikkun Leil Shavuot

Saturday night, June 4, 9:00 pm

Festival Ma’ariv followed by the Tikkun

Light candles after 9:07 pm

Activating Our Roots: The Power and Purposes of Jewish Education & Learning Our History

We are excited to announce this year’s speakers include: Barry Feldman, Sharon Shorofsky Mack, and Ziv Bolton.

Leil Shavuot Tikkun
Saturday night, June 4, 9:00 pm
Festival Ma’ariv followed by the Tikkun
Ice Cream & Cheesecake afterwards

We look forward to three generations of Or Zarua congregants awakening our roots at our Shavuot Tikkun Panel. (Then we’ll eat ice cream and cheesecake!)

Barry Feldman is an educator, urban historian, and licensed New York City tour guide. He has led tours for the Museum at Eldridge Street and the Lower East Side Jewish Conservancy. Barry has offered wonderfully dynamic history courses for fellow OZ congregants over the last year’s, as well as tours, to share his knowledge and passion for learning from our past. Between Barry’s experience in the New York City Department of Education, and his involvement in both teaching and preserving history, Barry has a unique perspective on how learning Jewish history activates our roots.

Sharon Shorofsky Mack is a seasoned educator currently serving as the Lower School Head at the Heschel School and formerly the founding director of two Jewish preschools. In her roles directing startup and established educational programs, and as a Day School graduate herself, Sharon has a deep commitment to fulfilling the mission of Jewish education. As a member of the Or Zarua Board of Trustees Sharon helped guide the congregation through educational choices as part of a task force that set the course for Or L’Atid Hebrew School and family engagement. Sharon’s three children attended Jewish day school and Jewish summer camps. As a parent and educator, Sharon has a unique perspective on the power and purposes of both formal and informal Jewish education.

Ziv Bolton is a graduating senior at Ramaz. Ziv has attended Jewish day school and yeshivah over the course of his education, and he has attended Camps Ramah Nyack and Ramah Berkshires. Ziv appreciates the opportunity to share reflections about both the formal and informal Jewish educational experiences in which he participated including recent student heritage study tours to Morocco, Poland and Israel. Ziv will share thoughts about why and how a Jewish education has made him a more serious Jew as well as a better prepared American citizen.

Join us! Or Zarua’s way of celebrating Shavuot highlights all four aspects of our mission: pray, learn, participate and connect.

First day Shavuot – starts at 9:00 am Sunday. Please come sing along with Hallel and the special Akdamut poetry before the Torah reading.

Light candles after 9:07 pm for Second Day Shavuot

Second day Shavuot – starts 8:45 am Monday featuring Hallel, the chanting of the Scroll of Ruth and Yizkor.

Yom Tov ends 9:08 pm