Musical Havdalah with Mark Somerstein

November 16, 2019    
5:30 pm - 8:30 pm

Songs of Transgression and Redemption, Passion and Compassion, Hope and Dreams

Join us for our first Musical Havdalah of the season. After we make Havdalah, sing some Hebrew songs to welcome the new week and have a nosh, our own Mark Somerstein will give a concert. Mark has his guitar ready and will share songs of transgression and redemption, songs of passion and compassion, songs of hope and dreams. The play list will include mostly American tunes, many well-known, some virtually unknown and some surprising!

Put Saturday night, Dec. 14, on your calendar as well for the second Musical Havdalah. After a nosh, Havdalah and songs to welcome the new week, Aaron Shelden will lead us with his accordion in a night of Jewish music. From Klezmer to other favorites Aaron will share the Yiddishe spirit and present songs that speak to our hearts and souls.