Poetry Happening with Shelley Saposnik and Guest Poet

January 26, 2023    
7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Secrets, Light, and Dark: Post-Hanukkah Reflections

The Baal Shem Tov tells us that the Gematria for light (ohr) has the same numerical value as the word secret (raz). Secrets live in the dark and are revealed by the light of day. The dance between light and dark imagery and the metaphors that grow out of this twinning abound in Judaism and point to the secret of creation itself.
In the afterglow of Hanukkah lights, we have time to ponder the light and dark tropes in Judaism and the poets who have sought to embrace wisdom in these metaphors. Bring in the poetry of Byron, Wordsworth, Shelley or your own glimmer of poetic light to share. We will read a few poems, our own or those of others, drink a little wine and, if inspired, try some generative work as we explore the spirituality inherent in light and dark imagery.

NEW! The Poetry Happening is enthusiastic to have Simon Constam, a Canadian Jewish poet and aphorist, join us to read from his first published book of Poetry BROUGHT DOWN. He has published poetry in a number of magazines among them The Jewish Literary Journal and Poetica Magazine.