Pioneers Across Oceans: The Untold Story of Israel’s First Emissaries in America (1900-1930)

June 1, 2024    
5:00 pm - 6:30 pm

Join Together for a Shabbat Afternoon Shiur (Lecture/Teaching)
Saturday, June 1
address provided upon RSVP

“Pioneers Across Oceans: The Untold Story of Israel’s First emissaries in America (1900-1930)”

Enjoy this Shabbat afternoon shiur (lecture/teaching), presented by groundbreaking researcher Dani Steiner, University of Haifa.

Embark on a captivating journey with Daniel Steiner as he unveils the remarkable saga of Israel’s first envoys to America. Through his meticulous historical research at Haifa University, Steiner sheds light on the courageous endeavors of these early emissaries, who traversed oceans and continents to forge connections between the nascent Israeli Yishuv and the vibrant Jewish community in America. Experience their trials and triumphs, from perilous sea voyages to the exhilarating clash of cultures on American soil. Discover the transformative impact of this journey on iconic figures such as Ben Gurion, Ben Zvi, Sheinkin, and Arlozorov, whose experiences paved the way for Israel’s future leadership.

Daniel Steiner – short bio
Steiner grew up in Haifa in the Conservative congregation. After high School, he served for four and a half years as an infantry combat officer and commander in first Lebanon war, and the first and second intifada.
Steiner earned his BA in Sociology from the University of Haifa, and an MA in Anthropology from Hebrew university in Jerusalem. For most of his Career he served as a Head of School and Administrator in cutting edge schools both in Israel and the US. Currently he is the director of a relatively new cultural center in Haifa.
Three years ago Steiner decided to devote time for historical research and join the department of Israel History at Haifa university. He is currently finalizing his additional MA, and starting a doctoral program.
Steiner is still doing active reserve service in the IDF, and served more than 150 days during the war as a lieutenant colonel at the central command headquarters. He is married with 4 children and lives in Haifa.