Siddur Class 5783 

January 5, 2023    
8:40 am - 9:45 am

Siddur Class 5783 
Lekha Dodi – Meeting the Mystical Sabbath Queen at Night & Other Evening Prayers
Thursdays, 8:40 am, beginning October 27, 2022

Come explore the mystical poetry of Kabbalat Shabbat. Our first major area of focus will be Lekha Dodi. This 16th Century addition to the siddur took off like wildfire around the Jewish world. We’ll sing it with many different tunes, discuss the content and expand the ongoing conversation among class participants about prayer experiences. Over the year we will compare the weekday and Sabbath evening services. Classes include general explorations of Jewish spirituality and the prayer experience. Careful attention to the language of prayers is a focus. Class meets in-person only at OZ 8:40am on Thursdays after morning minyan.Come explore the history of Shabbat over the Jewish ages and the liturgies that were recited, in addition to those we use today. During Siddur Class we explore the prayers’ language, discuss their meanings and dig into their histories. Our conversations this year will surely take us into exploring the meaning of Shabbat in our lives and what the liturgy suggests as points of focus. Class meets at 8:40 am on Thursday mornings. ZOOM participants are encouraged to have their cameras on, to add their presence on screen to the learning community.