Shabbat Message July 10, 2020 – Parashat Pinhas

Click HERE for a video D’var Torah/study of this week’s parsha: Keepers of the Peace: When Sanctioned Violence Stopped a Plague
Click HERE for a video Kavannah (intention) about the power of Shabbat in our lives. Challenge, Growth and Love: Shabbat Was Made for This World
Click HERE for a video of Rabbi Bolton leading the chanting of the prayer Nishmat Kol Hai – Every Living Breath Praises God: Steering Into Systemic Goodness. This is intended to be an invitation to pray along, sing the words, hum the tune or just enjoy the meditative quality of one of the most beautiful liturgies we encounter in the Sabbath morning services. Click HERE for the words of the prayer.
Click HERE for a self-guided study sheet: The Daughters of Tzelofahad:
Recognizing and Accepting Authority, Rejecting Authoritarianism