Shabbat Message, Aug. 14, 2020 Parashat Re’eh

Click HERE for a video Torah Study: Tradition & Change regarding Deuteronomy, Chapter 13:1-4 with the Ramban’s commentary.
Click HERE for a video D’var Torah: Recognizing Blessings on Parshat Re’eh.
Click HERE for a self-guided study sheet Listen Deeply, Awaken the Soul highlighting the Haftarah of Parshat Re’eh and an exploration of the Shema, as well as what the Sinai experience means in our lives.
Click HERE for my commentary on this week’s parsha that was published in the LA Jewish Journal. “Table for Five” is a post-denominational round-up of Torah commentaries that appears in Los Angeles’ Jewish newspaper, and every few weeks I have a new commentary that appears in the section.