Shabbat Message, Aug. 28, 2020, Parashat Ki Tetze

Click HERE for a Shabbat sermon: Because I Said So – It’s Good for Your Soul. What does the verse about shooing away a mother bird come to teach us according to the Ramban and Rambam?
Click HERE for a D’var Torah: Proactively, Build a Guardrail on the verse “When you build a new home you must make a guard-rail around your roof.” (Deuteronomy 22:8)
Click HERE for a self-guided study sheet: Losses & Restoration. The verses in Deuteronomy 22 about returning lost objects (Hasheivat Aveidah) teach we have to help restore our friends’ property as well as their senses of wholeness.
Click HERE for Modeh Ani Moments, an exploration of the first line of liturgy in siddurim from around the world since 1599. Chant along with Rabbi Bolton. Gathering our gratitude is an everyday, conscious Jewish practice.