Shabbat and Rosh Hashanah Message Sept. 18, 2020

Melting clocks is an image that I associate with the Pandemic. Oy, the meltdown! Time is supposed to be measurable, and for the Jewish People we gather in holy spaces to mark time. We call those shehecheyanu moments.
The contents of Salvador Dali’s famous painting “The Persistence of Memory” – cliffs that signify “eternity” and the artist’s roots as well as the clock-faces that sag, bend and never register what moment or hour it is – they rebel against the Jewish spirit. How can we mark time that is melting away or stand on the bluffs and look out over our lives, if we can’t leave our homes? … (Click HERE to continue reading).

Click HERE for Rabbi Bolton’s Torah Study and introduction to our 5781 Commentator of the Year: Learning a Lesson from Abraham: Rashi Rescues the Story of the Binding of Isaac For Us. Every year we are challenged to understand the messages of the Akeidah; how could God ask Avraham to sacrifice his son? Maybe he didn’t? Come study this section of the Torah and our second day Rosh HaShanah reading with me.

Many have asked me, “How do I pray at home? Where will I find the power to pray?” Please click HERE for a video talk: Praying At Home – Finding Power to Pray, about getting set for the High Holy Days in this very different time.

Also, I am pleased to share this link to our Rosh HaShanah video library here for wonderful, inspiring recordings that you can listen to whenever you would like. Use them for inspiration and to practice prayers that you want to be able to sing along with at services.
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Click HERE for a video of Josh Gold sounding the shofar, for Elul inspiration.