Shabbat Message Sept. 4, 2020 – Parashat Ki Tavo

Click HERE for Get Your Gift Basket Ready to explore the Ramban’s commentary on preparing the first fruits offering in Parshat Ki Tavo.
Click HERE for The Tzedakah Imperative in Elul – Beyond An Accounting of the Soul, a sermon for Ki Tavo and for the month of Elul 5780.
Click HERE for a self-guided study sheet Cursing In Synagogue – Read in an Undertone to explore traditions about the curses section(s) of the Torah and how, perhaps, reading the curses may enable us to focus on blessings.
Click HERE to access a recording of Shira Schiowitz’s teaching from Wednesday night: The Haftarot Leading Up to Rosh HaShanah and What They Teach Us About T’shuvah. If you missed Shira’s dynamic session about the work of repentance during this unique year and season it is worth spending time listening to this master teacher and her explication of the sources.