Shabbat Message, Oct. 16, 2020, Parashat Bereshit

Click HERE (video) for Rabbi Bolton’s Shabbat Bereishit sermon: Universal Yet Particular – The Cosmos, Creation, and Becoming Lights to the Nations. This week’s combination of the haftarah and the weekly portion highlight both the universal connections and particular covenantal arrangements that the Jewish People consciously embrace.

Click HERE (video) for Rabbi Bolton’s teaching on The First Rashi On the Torah. Our Parshan HaShana (commentator of the year) is Rabbi Shlomo Yitzhaki, better known as Rashi. Why does the Torah start with creation and not the first mitzvah for the Jewish People? Rashi’s commentary enlightens and begets central questions for our lives.

Click HERE (video) forRashi’s exploration of why God’s name Elohim is used in the first verse of the Torah but a combination name Adonai Elohim is used in the second chapter. Learning about how God is described in the Torah is not just an exploration of God’s character but reflecting about our own human nature.

Click HERE (video) to watch Rabbi Bolton’s teaching on Rashi’s commentary concerning the moment after Adam and Eve ate from the Tree of Good and Evil. What did they come to know? What awareness was born in the human soul?

NEW! Click HERE (video) to chant and sing along with Rabbi Bolton for the Shabbat Shaharit prayers. (Shokhen Ad, Shema and blessings up to Tzur Yisrael). Screen the video file or click HERE to listen to just the audio.

NEW! Click HERE (video) to hear and chant along with the Prayer Announcing the New Month of Mar Heshvan 5781. This Shabbat is called Shabbat Mevarkhim Hodesh at which we announce Rosh Hodesh coming on Sunday and Monday. Click HERE for just the audio.