Shabbat Message, Oct. 23, 2020, Parashat Noah

Click HERE (video) for the sermon: Religious, Responsible Human Beings. Noah inspires us in unique ways just like our founding mothers and fathers of the Jewish People.

Click HERE (video): Why Did God Flood the World? Torah study with Rashi: Genesis 6:11-12.
Click HERE (video): Plots, Plans, Hubris and Humility, a Torah study on Genesis 11:1, the beginning of the Tower of Babel story.
Join me Sunday at 10:00 am for a dialogue with Craig Piper, Director of New York City Zoos, “Zoos: Modern Day Arks?”
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Dial-in (646) 558-8656.
Meeting ID 841 0230 2480; Passcode 613
How did the animals and the zookeepers fare? What impact did the Pandemic have on the zoological parks of New York City? And around the world? Join us for a dialogue between Mr. Piper and Rabbi Bolton who will discuss animal care during Coronavirus. A more expansive conversation around zoos’ and conservation organizations’ unique roles throughout the globe will be part of this exchange. Plus, we will hear reflections about whether zoos are the new arks like the one Noah built.