Shabbat & Sukkot Message, Oct. 2, 2020

Click HERE for a recorded Sukkot sermon: Living With Less, Still Finding Joy. We go from the most ascetic day of the Jewish year, spiritually cleansed and with our slates clean, to … a shaky sukkah? The holiday of Sukkot is also called “Z’man Simhateinu” – the Season of Our Joy. Even with less (and in the every little thing) there is a little joy to be had!

Click HERE for my written article, Harvests, History and A Different Mountain: Why Sit in a Sukkah? Exploring the reasons why we sit in a Sukkah and accessing the joy of the holiday.

Click HERE for a recorded Sukkot D’var Torah: From Fragility to Love – Sukkot Inspires Faith in Our Future.

Click HERE for the Or Zarua Sukkah Photo Essay. This year our sukkah is halakhic and built for happiness and good health!