Shabbat Message, Nov. 13, 2020 – Parashat Haye Sarah

Click HERE (video) for “Stranger and Citizen” – Lessons Learned from Abraham at the Time of Sarah’s Death. Torah Study with Rashi helps reveal the complexities of our sacred text and unlocks the meaning of the Torah’s turns of phrase.

Click HERE (video) for Kristallnacht on the Map of Jewish Memory. On November 9/10 we commemorated (or did not) the 82nd anniversary of the night of broken glass in Germany in Austria. Why should Kristallnacht be raised in our consciousness, as a day to recall the atrocities of and heroism during the Holocaust?

Click HERE (video) for: Faith and Leadership – What Our Ancestors Teach Us, a tribute to Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l who died on November 7, 2020. Rabbi Sacks’ legacy lives on through his magnificent teachings which always inspire.

Click HERE (study source sheet) for Or Zarua Torah Study with Rashi Study Source Sheet on Parshat Haye Sarah. Study verses of this week’s Torah portion that touch on: the number of years of Sarah’s life, Abraham doing the ultimate kindness of burying his beloved, and an exploration of kindness in the Jewish tradition including excerpts from a commentary written by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks z’l. The study ends with a note about women’s free will and choice in marriage.