Shabbat Message, Dec. 25, 2020, Parashat Vayigash

Click HERE (video) for the Shabbat sermon Dare for Others: Judah’s Message For Times of True Darkness. From ancient famines to droughts of humanity, we are asked to stand in our brothers’ and sisters’ places, to determine if righteous action is required of us. Parshat Vayigash’s message relates to the Jewish People, internally, and offers a message to all humankind – dare for others when true evil faces us.

Click HERE (video) for Torah study with Rashi on Genesis 44:18. How did Rashi read “And Judah approached?” What potential meanings does the phrase hold and what messages for our lives might we learn from one of the most dramatic moments in the Torah?

Click HERE (video) for Reading the Story with Science and a Geological Survey: The Jews in Goshen. As we consider the Nile Delta region where the Jews were settled in Egypt through the lenses of geology and science we become more careful readers of the Torah and unlock deeper meanings.

Click HERE (written article/source sheet-study guide) for The 10th of Tevet on December 25th: Fasting for Joy and Peace. Fast days are unique opportunities to get our bearings, remember our history and take personal accountings towards higher purposes.