Shabbat Message, Jan. 8 2021, Parashat Shemot

Click HERE (video) to listen to: The Fight Against Tyranny – Lessons from Exodus. Where was God when a tyrant enslaved the Jewish People? How did the midwives and Moses upend state violence? Short of miracles or modern-day plagues to stop state-sponsored or organized violence in our city streets what lessons are here for moral living?

Click HERE (video) for Torah study with Rashi’s commentary: The Staff, The Snake & Have a Little Faith. Explore the meaning of Exodus 4:1-4 when Moses responds to God about being the leader, to take the Jewish People out of Egypt. Why does his staff get turned into a snake? What’s the leadership lesson in casting it down and then picking up the staff?

Click HERE for a Prayer for Our Country. May there be an end to all wanton and unlawful violence across the United States. And may we unify to ensure liberty, justice and freedom for all.