Shabbat Message, March 12, 2021, Parashat Vayakhel-Pekude, Shabbat HaHodesh

Click HERE (video) for the Shabbat Sermon It All Starts in the Book of Exodus: The Prominent Place of The Arts and The Artist in Jewish Tradition. The complementary Torah study with Rashi highlights the importance of artisan-leadership and attention to aesthetic detail as expressed in the project of the portable Tabernacle. This sermon offers reflections on the place of the arts in our lives as a community priority and an expression of harnessing the Divine gift of creativity.

Click HERE (video) for Torah study with Rashi: The Aesthetics Committee From the Wilderness to East Side: The Importance of Artistic Ability Throughout Jewish History. Examining Chapter 31 of Exodus we see that God instructs Moses to appoint artisan-leaders of the community. Sacred space in the wilderness to the sanctuary (and gallery!) at Or Zarua all express the valued place of the arts, a “good eye” and artist-creators in our midst.

Yishar koach to Bir’nana for their fabulous L’cha Dodi video! Bir’nana, Or Zarua’s a cappella group, has just released their first-ever video, a joyful arrangement of L’cha Dodi. Click HERE to enjoy it.