Shabbat Message, March 19, 2021, Parashat Vayikra

Click HERE (video – 12 minutes) for the Shabbat Sermon Sacrifices Inspire – The First One for Every Jew was in Egypt, at Home, with a Lamb. While Maimonides took the position that investigating the meaning of the sacrifices was madness, Gersonides encouraged us to find meaning and inspiration in every detail.

Click HERE (video) for Torah study with Rashi: Don’t Think Small of It: The First Word of the Book of Leviticus with Rashi’s Commentary. A small alef finishes the first verb of the 3rd book of the Torah. What meaning does the smaller letter have? It was a reminder for essential life lessons according to our Sages.

Click HERE (video) for another Torah study with Rashi: Time & Space for Contemplation: Beyond the Details of the Sacrifices. The way the Torah is written provides insight as to how we receive and process information. Come learn what Rashi notices about the open and closed paragraphs in the first chapter of Leviticus.