Shabbat Message, April 23, 2021, Parashat Aharei Mot-Kedoshim

Click HERE (video) for the Shabbat drash “Do Not Stand Idly By the Blood of Your Fellow; Stop Murder and Violent Crime.” In one verse the Torah teaches us a core Jewish value and calls us to action. Our tradition believes and asserts that we have the power to help stop the proliferation of bloodshed. While society has made so many advances, too much killing among citizens demands our attention. Holding people accountable for their crimes and amplifying the value of life are Jewish ideals.

Click HERE (video) for the Shabbat drash Holiness Is Sharing Your Gifts and Knowing Your Limits. Biblical commentators and modern exegetes alike explore holiness from various standpoints. This new take on what it means to be holy is a refreshing update that builds on classic conceptions.

Click HERE (video) for Torah study with Rashi Blood Is Life, Kosher Confirms It. Blood libels against the Jewish People sting so sharply, because they fly in the face of deep-seated Jewish values and a celebration of life. Our ritual practices affirm our commitments to the sanctification of life. Our system of “thou shalt nots,” values orientations, and “thou shalts” center on amplifying our respect for all whose blood runs red.