Shabbat Message, May 14, 2021, Parashat BeMidbar/Shavuot

Click HERE (video) for the sermon HaDegel Sheli, Our Flags & Our Future. Flags are symbols of hope and unity despite their differnet colors. According to our tradition, the Israelites saw that angels praised God raising flags aloft. Raising our nation’s flag high messages our pursuit of holiness and affirming the sanctity of life.

Click HERE (video) for It is No Time for Moderation, Count on Us. Rashi teaches that God commanded Moses to take a census in the wilderness, to teach us the general principle that as God cares for each soul so should we. As part of the pan-national camp of the Jewish People we stand in solidarity with our family in Israel who is on the front lines defending our homeland. It is time to remember each soul who putting life on the line and unequivocally condemn terrorists, while we pray for peace.

Click HERE (source sheet) for the self-guided study source sheet for SHAVUOT – Kiss Me With Your Mitzvot: What Happened at Sinai Does Not Stay At Sinai.