Shabbat Message, May 28, 2021, Parashat Beha’alotekha

Click HERE (video) for “Old Is Good & Aging is Sage-ing.” This Shabbat talk is dedicated to all those who are acquiring hearts of wisdom and know “being old” is a mindset. Rashi and the Torah encourage us to take life in stride, embrace our physical realities and gain perspective on life as we count the days and years. In this talk I commend to you Rabbi Harlan J. Wechsler’s book, Old is Good: Ideas of Aging in Rabbinic Literature, available on Amazon.

Click HERE for my commentary on this week’s parsha that was published in the LA Jewish Journal and on the Accidental Talmudist Website. “Table for Five” is a post-denominational round-up of Torah commentaries that appears in Los Angeles’ Jewish newspaper, and every few weeks I have a new commentary that appears in the section.

Click HERE (source sheet) for a source sheet called: OZ Torah Study with Rashi Parshat Baha’alotekha 5781. This week in our online community Torah study we focused on Moses’ humility and put the Torah’s teaching that Moses was the humblest of all men into context. Follow the sources to see what story came right before we were informed about Moses’ humility and the willingness to look deeply at himself in chapter 11 of Numbers. Other more contemporary texts guide us in developing the middah, the character trait, of humility. And it is worth noting, if we think we’re humble enough, we’re probably not! God grant us strength!