Shabbat Message, May 7, 2021, Parashat Behar-Behukotai

Click HERE (video) for “Ownership is Foundational to Free Society, So Why Do We Disown our Fields Once Every Seven Years?” The Torah supports a communitarian approach to societal living not communism or socialism! How does Shmittah teach a philosophical lesson about how to be a good owner?

Click HERE (video) for “The Blessing of Peace Means More Than No War.” Looking at Leviticus 25:6 with Rashi expands our understanding of what the word “shalom” means in our tradition.

Click HERE (video) for a beautiful rendition of Yerushalayim shel Zahav. Yom Yerushalayim begins Sunday night and we celebrate the re-unification of Jerusalem on Monday! There are special concerts and programs to attend as well. Click HERE (to land them on a webpage that will be a round-up of the events that we are putting together for that Monday eblast…and to include in Sunday’s).

Click HERE (video) for “Celebrate Jerusalem Day! An Essential Holiday on the Jewish Calendar Since 1967.” This year Yom Yerushalayim falls on Sunday night and Monday, and we must lift, celebrate and embrace this essential Jewish hag. Listen for the history and purpose of commemorating this essential holiday on the Jewish calendar.
Special psalms will be chanted Monday at the end of minyan (click for minyan), and come to study about Jerusalem in the Midrashic Imagination Monday, 12:00 pm (click for Monday class) and see “Angels Saved The City of Gold” below for more information.

Angels Saved The City of Gold: Jerusalem in the Midrashic Imagination
A Special Community Torah Study with Rabbi Bolton in honor of YOM YERUSHALAYIM
Monday, 12:00 pm
Join Angels Saved The City of Gold
Meeting ID 815 2249 6147
Join Rabbi Bolton for a celebration of Jerusalem in Midrash.