Shabbat Message, March 11, 2022, Parashat Vayikra-Shabbat Zakhor

In-Person Minyan is Back: Rebuild and Be Rebuilt

“Count me in for the in-person morning minyan!”

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday-Friday

Morning minyan is moving back to in-person starting March 16!

We need your help to rebuild and revitalize our daily minyan and morning breakfast: Sundays at 8:45 am, Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at 7:15 am (be sure to check calendar for holiday changes).

Tuesday will continue as Zoom-only, 7:15 am.

Shabbat services will continue to be in person, 9:00 am.

Why is in-person prayer important?

“When I close my eyes while someone is chanting the prayers I don’t care what page they’re on. I use morning minyan to gather my gratitude. Rabbi Bolton taught me to especially express my thanks at the Modim (gratitude/acknowledgement) section during the Amidah. I hear that one word now, among a few others I’ve learned, and I’m launched into a great space every morning I join the minyan,” one congregant reported.

When we are in the sanctuary members are able to support each other in remembering loved ones on yahrzeits and for kaddish during periods of mourning. Visitors who need to pray for sick loved ones and friends, or say kaddish in the presence of caring souls, are warmly welcomed upon arrival in the sanctuary. Others’ physical presence reassures us we are not alone.

Breakfast after minyan is a time to build community. The power of coming together for prayers and in-person interaction is a matter of good health, balance, and bettering ourselves. Deep feelings of associations not only with our own community but the Jewish People worldwide and in Israel come into our consciousness when we commit to being part of a daily minyan.

Let us know you are willing to attend morning minyan in person one or more days a week by adding your name to the minyan roster. (Click HERE.)