Enjoy these audio tapes of talks and classes at Or Zarua:

Jews & Genes – Congregant Barry Coller and Rabbi Elliot Dorff

Talmud Class 

Rabbi Wechsler’s Book Launch, March 21, 2016

Rabbi Wechsler Teaches – Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook’s on Teshuvah:

Rabbi Wechsler Teaches – Zohar on La”G Ba’Omer:

Hear Rabbi Wechsler teach from the Zohar I, daf 4a – 4b:

Rabbi David Silber 

Rabbi David Silber’s 2006 talk on the story of Hagar and Ishmael and why this story is the Torah reading for Rosh haShanah:

Meah Program 

For Meah tapes (class members only), please visit the Meah Class page here.

Or Zarua Exhibits

From Yankel to Yankee – January 27, 2008, Exhibit Opening

Annual Lucy Dawidowicz Lectures