Essence of Hanukkah with Marc Ashley

The Essence of Hanukkah: Perspectives on Light(ing) with Marc Ashley

Dec. 17, 2020

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The only mitzvah unique to the holiday of Hanukkah is lighting the Hanukkah menorah. A focus on light is undoubtedly at the foundation of our celebration. The concrete events underlying Hanukkah may be specific, but its messages about light have extended beyond that particularized story. Traditional sources have connected Hanukkah to formative lights outside the confines of the original miracle, ranging from the creation of the world to the messianic future.

Please enjoy this archive of congregant Marc Ashley, who spoke on the evening of December 17, 2020, on the last night of the holiday, for The Essence of Hannukah: Perspectives on Light(ing), in which we discussed enduring themes associated with Hanukkah’s compelling focus on the vital force of light.