2024 Annual Lucy S. Dawidowicz Lecture with Dr. William Plevan

Dr. William Plevan, on “Finding God in the Everyday: Martin Buber on the Life of Dialogue.”

Click HERE for the video recording of Dr. Plevan’s talk.

German-Jewish philosopher Martin Buber is perhaps best known for his classic I and Thou, published 100 years ago. Buber has inspired many with his call to a life of dialogue, a true meaningful engagement with others. For Buber, a life of dialogue is the way for human beings experience God’s presence in our everyday encounters. In this lecture (session, learning), we will uncover the Hasidic roots of Buber’s philosophy of dialogue and its religious significance. By looking at the Hasidic stories he translated and popularized, we will explore how his teachings can inspire us to find God’s presence in our everyday lives.

Dr. Plevan is Visiting Assistant Professor of Contemporary Jewish Thought at the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College. He holds rabbinic ordination from the Jewish Theological Seminary and a doctorate in Religion from Princeton University. He has recently published several essays on the work of Martin Buber and on contemporary Jewish theology, including an essay on theology for the Routledge volume, Judaism in the 21st Century.