ScholarStream with JTS and Zeigler

New opportunity to learn with JTS and Ziegler Scholars
Or Zarua is pleased to be a sponsor synagogue of ScholarStream, a new adult education initiative
ScholarStream is a new program that four institutions of the Conservative/Masorti Movement — the Rabbinical Assembly, USCJ, The Jewish Theological Seminary, and the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies — have created as a joint initiative to offer high quality adult education opportunities to all those interested in participating.
Starting next week, you can learn from some of the world’s leading scholars and engage deeply with our texts and traditions.
Two Program Tracks:
Hidden Histories and Untold Stories
Tuesdays at 8 PM
Join JTS scholars as they uncover the hidden context around biblical figures and important eras in Jewish history.
  • November 10: Dr. David Fishman on how religious pre-Holocaust Eastern European Jewry actually was—or wasn’t.
  • November 17: Alan Cooper on why we stopped caring about Moses’s descendants.
  • December 1: Dr. Sarah Wolf on how foreign the beit midrash would feel to the early Rabbis.
  • December 8: Dr. Amy Kalmanofsky on what the Bible really had against Jezebel.
Equity, Forgiveness and Intersectionality
Wednesdays at 10 PM (note late start time)
Join Ziegler faculty as they explore issues related to race, gender equality, intersectionality, and building a democracy of the future.
  • November 11: Rabbi Cheryl Peretz will examine the centuries old Jewish march towards gender equality and justice
  • November 18: Rabbi Dr. Elliot Dorff will explore the concept of communal forgiveness.
  • December 2: Rabbi Dr. Gail Labovitz on what Exodus has to teach us about intersectionality.
  • December 9: Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Cohen on building a multiracial democracy.
There is no fee for OZ members, but you must register in advance.
MEMBERS: Register at the links below and use the code emailed to members Nov. 3, or email Deborah for the code.
NON-MEMBERS: Register at the links below; cost is $25 per series.
  • Click here to register for the JTS Tuesday program.
  • Click here to register for the Ziegler Wednesday program.
Questions? If you have any questions about ScholarStream or registration, please email Max Arad at